The foundation's goals:

  • Help as many children as possible suffering from various neuromuscular conditions to have a better quality of life;
  • Strengthen our financial position so we can continue helping more people and ensure our long term viability;
  • Bolster our partnerships with various health institutions and sponsors

Our history


The organization was founded in 2009 in order to leave a legacy to future generations that have not known polio.

The origin of the Foundation and the idea behind it came from some Polio Québec Association members. While visiting the Polio-Ottawa Association, they told us they were using the sunset clause that was part of their statutes to terminate the Association operations if the number of members was under 25. They simply closed the books and distributed the remaining funds to other associations that were taking care of children.

Driving back to Montréal, we had the idea to create a Foundation who would help children with neuromuscular diseases. Seeing that polio is a disease that is almost eradicated in Canada, Polio Québec could be in the same situation as Polio Ottawa was with the same ending. Butterfly Wings Foundation was then created.

The name of Butterfly Wings was chosen in reference to the metaphor that says that billion of butterfly flattering may influence the climate on the other side of the planet.

We think that this phenomenon could be applied to the Foundation objectives where with small gestures we could help and improve the quality of life of those children who have neuromuscular diseases and their families.

The funds come exclusively from private donations, fundraising and our annual financing campaign. We never received money from neither government, provincial or federal.


  • PERSIAN FOOD EVENING – 120 attendees;
  • WINE AND CHEESE (twice) – 120 attendees each time;
  • GOLF TOURNEMENT (twice) – 40 attendees each time;
  • ITALIAN FOOD EVENING – 140 attendees;
  • MÉCHOUI – 120 attendees;
  • WINE AND CHEESE (3RD edition) – held on April 29, 2017;
  • MÉCHOUI (2nd edition) – to be held in October 2018.

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Board members

The foundation operates exclusively from committed volunteers and our administration costs are very low. This is the path we wish to continue. These are our foundation's board members:

Jacques DeGagné

President, Co-founder

Lise Deschênes


Christine Couture


Denis Servant


Dalia Ceron Gonzalez


Jean Karam


Louise Côté


Help us help children

Make a donation and contribute in the financing of equipment and activities for children with neuromuscular diseases in order to better their life quality.